Family Midwifery


Family Midwifery offers

family-centered, woman focused, wholistic maternity services: 

integrated prenatal care,

planned homebirth,

and individualized care for mother & baby

during postpartum recovery.

Gengi G. Proteau, Certified Professional Midwife

Connecticut & Rhode Island


Women birth best where they feel safest.

For some women this means giving birth at home.

Reasons why women choose a planned homebirth with a trained midwife include:  being in a familiar environment which promotes relaxation; being attended by caregivers who view birth as a normal, biological process; choosing who will be present;  a strong emphasis on the parents' personal responsibility and informed decision-making;  minimal exposure to infections; the option for non-drug (non-allopathic) treatment of minor complications;  freedom of movement in labor and choice of position for birth; food and fluids encouraged during labor; access to labor in water and/or waterbirth; baby stays with the mother at all times; less expensive than hospital birth; homebirth midwives specialize in helping women achieve an unmedicated, unmedicalized birth.

Although there are some conditions which would risk a mother out of      having her baby at home or indicate a need to transfer to the hospital, a planned homebirth attended by a midwife trained in handling common complications is a safe option for most women.