Family Midwifery


Family Midwifery offers

family-centered, woman focused, wholistic maternity services: 

integrated prenatal care,

planned homebirth,

and individualized care for mother & baby

during postpartum recovery.

Gengi G. Proteau, Certified Professional Midwife

Connecticut & Rhode Island

Newborn Wellness


Newborn wellness begins prenatally with nurturing the mother's health and by measuring baby's growth, position and movements; and monitoring baby's well-being throughout labor.

Following birth, baby is placed immediately in mother's arms and remains there to facilitate the baby's transition to breathing air, maintaining body temperature, bonding with mother, and intitating nursing. The cord is left intact until it stops pulsing. A full, head-to-toe newborn exam  is done about two hours after birth. Follow-up check ups at home take place on day one, day three or four, and one more time in the first week. Usually, a check-up with the pediatrician is scheduled for two to four weeks after the birth, but well-baby appointments are routinely offered at two to three weeks and six weeks.

Although immunizations are not part of midwifery care of the newborn, vitamin K, Erythromycin eye ointment, and Newborn Metabolic Screening are available.

                       Postpartum check-ups include a full newborn exam,                            help with nursing, discussion and answers to questions about newborn care, and suggestions for promoting mother-infant bonding.