Family Midwifery


Family Midwifery offers

family-centered, woman focused, wholistic maternity services: 

integrated prenatal care,

planned homebirth,

and individualized care for mother & baby

during postpartum recovery.

Gengi G. Proteau, Certified Professional Midwife

Connecticut & Rhode Island

Well-Woman Physicals

The Well-Woman physical is a verbal review of all body systems, a head to toe physical examination (including general eye/ear/oral exam, reflex testing, evaluation of heart, lungs, thyroid, liver, kidneys, abdominal organs, spine, muscles, breast exam, pelvic exam), and a pap smear or blood work. Appointments for well-woman physicals are generally 60 to 90 minutes to allow for plenty of time to discuss any specific findings, questions or complaints. The discussion also includes information on alternative health therapies, nutritional instruction, and referrals for further evaluation, diagnosis or treatment, as needed.